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- Sonic's Cartoon

- Sonic Does Stuff

- Nickle

- Fairy Cyst

- Animated Doom House Preview
You can buy the DVD to see the full thing. Check www.somethingawful.com for updates.


Coz N' Theo
Th' Coz gives young Theo some advice on bullies.

Li'L Koala
It's time to play.

Internet Rap
Rappin' about forums.

These cartoons are from 1998. They are some of my first animations ever.

Lost In Greytown
I was going to make a movie based on this short, and I tried but it didn't turn out so well. I might try again now that I have the technology to actually make something... good. This also shows why I don't do stop-motion.

Yellow Ninja
Awww, shit. Here comes da' Yellow Ninja! Don't bother reading any of the text it is unimportant anyway.

Guy Meets Goil
Way back in 96 or 97 I created characters based on couples I knew. They would fight, break up, then get back together. This animation is based on those characters.


Illegal Cartoons:

Flintstones Chan Clan Jabber Jerk

Big Ones is hosted on Keenspot because they're idiots.