Wecomic Stew is a side-project of mine. It takes no effort to draw or write it's just something I do for fun. I am not seeking fame from it. If I was doing this for attention I would have been taking interviews, advertising on other forums, or mass-emailing people. I did not do these things. I don't care what people think about the comic. Stop emailing me your fake death threats and your stupid speeches about how to do a parody. This project isn't for you. It's for me. I have no anger. I have no bitterness. I'm not "jealous." Why would I be? If I wanted what those comics wanted I would just copy them. I don't want that audience. I don't link to this comic anywhere. If I wanted I could link to this comic from Something Awful, the site I work on right now, which gets 100-150,000 unique visits a day. I don't though. Ask yourself, are these the actions of a man who wants attention? I've even booed having a wiki about me. I don't think I'm important enough for a wiki. What a useless waste of HTML.

I made this site to show off my animation. Every day I hope to have a new animated GIF up and hopefully a new animated flash cartoon every week. There's also going to be many other things on the site related to Shmorky. There will be comics, silly drawings, and even collaborations. Have fun poking around the site.
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Big Ones is hosted on Keenspot because they're idiots.